NDG Cinema (Nuit de la Glisse)

Heroes of Freeride



This film traces the 25 years of history of which the „Night of the glide“ was a trigger. Thierry Donard reviews the evolution of boardsports through his various productions. Kowabonga, The creature of Professor Glissenstein, Hibernator, Pushing the Limits, the Perfect Moment saga. This film begins at the end of the 70s until today in 2007 with the latest evolutions of boardsports. Find exclusive sequences of the mythical films, seen through the visionary eye of directors such as Bill Delaney, Dick Barrymore. A great document made from exceptional images that allow the current generation to understand the reasons for such a phenomenon of society born in the late 70s. All the best images broadcast in the „Night of the slides „are in this film. 25 years of unmissable history …   Content not available for sale