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CGR Draguignan - Draguignan

Freitag 07 Dezember 2018
Sonntag 09 Dezember 2018
CGR Draguignan
166, place du 7ème bataillon de Chasseur Alpin
Draguignan 83300 , France
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Vendredi 19h30
Samedi : 16h
Dimanche 18h


You’d never plan to spend your life chasing the elements, watching changes to the sky or the swell…you’d never think that you’d travel across the whole world searching for a wave, a line or a perfect moment… But once you experience the joy that this lifestyle brings, you will always be drawn to the natural world like a magnet, in the hope that it never ends.

  • Regisseur: Thierry Donard
  • Jahr: 2018
  • Laufzeit: 115 Min.
  • Sprache: Multi-langue
  • Bildformat: 4K